1. jc9622 says

    Couldn’t you access this area in last gen by glitching your way in? I could
    have sworn I’ve seen Vanoss’ crew do it.

  2. keenan7434 says

    It gotta be a reason why its unlocked now,Maybe if Rockstar makes a Army
    DLC we will be able to do Flight Control idk

  3. Danny Hawk says

    One thing that I would like to say is, A small YouTuber by the name of
    MrStealthDog found this quiet a while ago,just throwing that out there to
    let you know Ross.

  4. CrsBladee says

    Thinking this has to be with heists, hacking into the control and stopping
    military from attacking the people robbing

  5. GhillieMaster16 says

    You guys could use this building for a heist prep. Stealing a military
    document thats kept in the top of the tower and you have to break in and
    defend the building from the army then escape. That would be sick!

  6. Plazma Spiral says

    To all the people saying you had to glitch on last gen, I specifically
    remember parachuting out of a Buzzard, landing by the control room tower,
    and punching through the window. I mean I guess the door thing is cool but
    it’s definitely more fun to break in.

  7. Dennis Persson says

    I knew about this for a while now and Iv’e been standing there sniping
    people trying to get a jet. If you are lycky those peopke have a bounty as
    well haha

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