1. YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon says

    We race some of the worst cars ever and it’s a lot of fun! Join us for some
    GTA madness :) 

  2. spaceshiplewis says

    haha Turps is Nerd3ing the Race. Martyn should feel very familiar with that
    type of trolling.

  3. DistinctionDave says

    “Uh, Duncan, it’s really unprofessional of you to not have a good enough
    computer to handle this game before you try and compete.”

  4. Kody Tuggle says

    I miss Simon, That beautiful bastard. I want his soul and Beard. Can I have
    them for My birthday?

  5. potch paul says

    so duncen last 3 vid your stupid computer crashed so um buy a new one or
    fix it if your broke im sure lewis will buy you a new one

  6. Kraig the Impaler says

    I love how Duncan is always trying to win and the rest of them are fucking
    around in the back.

  7. ashton thomsen says

    sorry if it’s already been asked to death but what ever happened o simon?
    wasn’t he in the hospital like 4 months ago? is he alright? is he still in
    the yogscast? i hope he gets well soon…

  8. Pyromaniac says

    Ripped my dick off over 9000 times when duncan said the osiris isnt any
    faster but looks cooler, IT IS THE FASTEST CAR AROUND A TRACK RIGHT NOW!

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