1. scott doherty says

    Heists are gonna be shit R* have had over 10 months from the release to
    work on heists got so bored of waiting for them sold my GTA V well over 4
    months ago

  2. Anthony flores says

    WOW who ever believed this is a idiot the dude in the thumbnail is from
    payday 2 Death wish 

  3. mike kib says

    Your videos about dlc assuming is just getting old. Gta is getting old. Do
    u really believe heist r gonna come out in a few weeks no thats dumb just
    finish it up and release it for next gen. Rockstar took out all the rare
    cars the money making methods the fun glitchs etc. People are moving away
    from gta. I remember when my friends list was filled with ppl playing gta
    now there not. If u look at pc games on steam there actually listening to
    the community fixing broken stuff the sales for games are amazing etc. Pc
    gaming is on a uprise console is not. Your videos about gta are getting old
    try doing other videos about other games not call of duty that game isnt
    good. And as I can remeber most these new youtubers popped up when gta was
    released but guess what gta is old do other stuff do u really think dlc are
    fun no they add a few low paying mission HIGH VALUE CARS experience cars
    experience clothes. U know whats dumb having a mask cost more than what you
    make on rooftop rumble or any other high paying job. Prices in gta need to
    be more realistic. shark cards are a waste rockstar failed 

  4. Square Button says

    Heists? It wasn’t rockstar’s fault. They want to make it good. Jeez I don’t
    understand why players are so angry

  5. No Meh Gusta says

    To give someone bad news, compliment or tell them some good news as well to
    cheer the person up, the tell them the bad bit!

  6. sniperpro3000 says

    The ‘veteran dlc’ said that it would come out in July. We’re near the end
    of it so that bit was a bit unessessary.

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