1. BringTheInsanity says

    theres an abandoned airport abit lowe ron the map from there, theres
    usually a helicopter and plane, steal whichever and fly it and land in the
    military base, its alot easier lol 

  2. Yuepheng Thao says

    u know if you have the infinite health and go into military base it will
    fucked up because them damn tanks will shoot you like crazy so it’s not
    that easy to get a way from tanks 

  3. kemicon says

    I recommend jumping out of a plane and parachuting below the radar and land
    right next to the jet. They don’t notice you’re there until you steal the
    jet. It’s still pretty tough but once you get into the air you can lose the
    wanted level quickly. Landing safely is a whole other issue.

  4. Sarp Kaan says

    i got a way to get in the fort zancudo sorry i cant say it because i dont
    want it to be patched (Sorry For Bad English Im From Turkey)

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