1. MichaelDe Santa says

    The jet is a mix between an F-16 and an F-18. With a little F-35. The
    Transport is a C-130H Hercules. Its the smallest of the C-130 Fleet. The J
    Model is the biggest.

  2. CallofEnding says

    Subscribe to me too i was the one who showed him these glithch but he
    tricked me and didnt give credit

  3. Threatstodebts69 says

    It not an AC-130 do you see an guns. No. Nor is it the C-130 sits to small
    it’s actually a C-114 a smaller more outdated cargo aircraft.


    C-130* There is no AC-130 in GTA unfortunately. (Don’t bitch at me for
    correcting either, you people should rather be knowledgeable than
    ignorant.) ;) 

  5. Nakatomi Uk says

    Can you replay this mission with Trevor and steal a jet and if you land it
    at trevors air base during mission does it stay there once you finish the
    hunting mission, I need a jet for the Knife flight trophy as I have done
    all 50 bridges but I have already done the hunting mission.

  6. Jhonathan Alvarez says

    You can with a phone, I once got MEGA drunk with frnkl and mchl and they
    waist you if cops are with you with GUNS

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