1. dylfabsamcar4 says

    Nice !!! Thanks guys, I can’t get past the only 12 rounds with the flush
    mag. Sweet looking gun doe 

  2. 2ndA_Dad says

    I’m trying to decide between this and the M&P 9c, to replace a G19 & G26.
    The differences I’m debating are what most are saying is a better factory
    trigger on the FNS, versus more after market support for the M&P. Thanks
    for a great video.

  3. AllAmericanFamilyUS1 says

    She is gripping to hard because the gun it a little to small for her. Same
    old story, buying a gun that’s easy to conceal is not an easy to shoot. You
    can always find a way to carry and have a comfortable shooter. FN make
    great firearms, I first heard of them by buzzsah about 3 or more years ago.
    I own the full size FNS and my wife started carrying it as her EDC. Great
    choice with FNH

  4. CWB1863 says

    Nice looking firearm, Justin Opinion did a very cool review recently as
    well.Glad you’re enjoying it.Cheers from your neighbor to the North.Carry
    on! Oh btw…Sig P320sc wins. ;) 

  5. Gary Palys says

    I’m interested in purchasing one of these, but I am waiting until the 17
    round mags are made available separately…

  6. travisp11 says

    I picked up one of these a few months ago and I love it. I had been
    carrying a Taurus PT-111 G2 and I found the FNS-C to be a nice upgrade with
    more or less the same size form factor. Are there any additional mags
    available? I think Midway as gonna start carrying them at some point. I
    love the flexibility of three mags but I’d like a few more with the pinky

  7. Darren Landis says

    Very well done review and have the full size FNS 9 and thought the same
    about the grip,but you get used to after a few times shooting.

  8. travisp11 says

    Clinger Holsters makes a few nice Kydex holsters for the FN Compact. They
    also have a few different cant options and colors. I own two different
    styles that I bought from them and they are great! On sale for $29, too!

  9. Tony Arellano says

    FNS quality stuff I have a FNS SS 40 and its well made .. in the USA! very
    impressed by the High quality of their products !

  10. Justin Twebb says

    Carry it everyday with the 17 mag as a spare and I love it….sold my m&p
    9c and don’t regret it at all.

  11. Jake Lonergan says

    Great review! I just bought a full-sized FNS 9 and, even after only 86
    rounds, I think this may win the shootout with my M&P 9. I also have an FN
    .223 bolt action and now I’m thinking I might want to try an FN AR15. More
    people need to be aware of FN in general. The dealer told me he sells a lot
    of these as he is pretty close to Ft. Leonard Wood and sells them to
    military people who have experience with their pistols. To know them is to
    love them, I guess. BTW, I hear the trigger wears in better, which my M&P
    isn’t really doing.

  12. thebigb39 says

    Nice video man. I am actually trying to decide right now between this
    handgun and the Sig P230 subcompact and maybe the Springfield XD mod2

  13. Festo Fish says

    Really dig your review. First video of yours I’ve watched. Gotta get a
    better mic though. Every time you rack the slide or insert a mag the mic
    compensates by lowering the volume. Maybe there’s a setting to disable that
    feature? I love the aggressive stippling on my FNX9! I’m seriously
    considering getting into concealed carry and this is my primary interest
    right now because of how much I’m loving the FNX9(hammer). Fantastic
    quality and I really don’t think it would leave me hanging…ever.

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