1. preppersintent says

    A mustang isnt going to “bug U out” faster that any other ‘ROAD”
    vehicle..the quads and bikes are great in an urban situation…especially
    if You have waited a couple days to get outta dodge….guess the key is to
    leave the day it all starts…”before” the roads get clogged.

  2. Feral Timberwolf says

    I watched the vid, but didn’t get the part about ‘Female Prepper ‘. How is
    this vid aimed at ‘Female Preppers’?

  3. Brandon Bates says

    OMG DUDE YOUR MY HERO!!!. I was going to buy a one of the Chevy pickups for
    5000 from a surplus shop. :/

  4. Duckyistrippin says

    Can you recomend good bases, or good areas of the country to watch where
    bids are reasonable? maybe its a seasonal thing? the yuma auctions always
    seem to be bidder crazy

  5. floyd green says

    These trucks are a part of American history. Hopefully people who buy them
    will keep them original. That requires when buying needed parts, buy from
    military parts suppliers. There are good part sources on the internet.

  6. Sandralee Vahey says

    most of your info is old & already known… What was your point? Elvis said
    a little less talking & More action please ! O OH yes & were is your
    female prepper or was this to lure more viewers ?

  7. floyd green says

    I’ve pondered whether a military vehicle such as a deuce would be good or
    bad as a bug out vehicle. It may be that the zombies would see the truck
    coming down the road and think they could stop it and grab the military
    weapons aboard (there may be none, depends on the owner) or they may stand
    in the road to flag down the truck to ask for government help. On the flip
    side the zombies may flee, thinking there are soldiers with automatic
    weapons aboard. I suppose if a person decides to bug out in a deuce or such
    vehicle it may be wise to be armed to the teeth and with multiple shooters
    in place.

  8. No Quarter Compound says

    21/2 ton or 5 ton 6X6s don’t need to be much over 50mph on the road. I
    would not advise a MV for anyone not mechanically talented. They are not
    domestic vehicles and could put the avg person at serious risk

  9. Mark Abreu says

    Thanks for the video and the tips. I’ve been poking around at the
    government liquidation website but the logistics of getting a vehicle
    aren’t very clear. Your short video was a great start. I notice today
    there are very few vehicles on the website – strange.

  10. richard koonce says

    I have been interested in the 5 tons m393 but the site has stopped selling
    them, I had to go to another site. As you said the prices are higher than a
    cats back

  11. H.J.D says

    You said you can get better deals on product depending on the time of year.
    So what is the best time to go to military auctions? 

  12. Jason howe says

    The only thin I’d add to them is the capacity to ride on the rails,
    gridlocked roads no problem have rails will travel 

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