1. Roy Davis says

    This turd obviously is a fraud but yes you can be a 21 year old Major you
    can be a 21 year old LTC if you went to college prior to attending OCS. And
    yes if you have your GED you can get waviers to enter at 16 regardless of
    what recruiter tells you. If ya think I’m lying then why we got legitimate
    24 year old Generals in the military huh…but long story short I would of
    throat punched this shitbag and you can’t this female works with and is a
    POG (position other than grunt) otherwise worthless…if your not
    infantry/grunt or fighter pilot you serve no purpose in the military. 

  2. Ivan T says

    Yeah, because I’m sure the ghetto black chick in the video has seen some
    real shit. I bet she sat in the FOB (if she even got deployed ever) and
    complained about her acryllic nails breaking. Women in the military are a
    fuckin’ joke 

  3. johnlewisbrooks says

    I’m an ex soldier who just recently was involved in an attempted robbery.
    Guys approached my vehicle and a small fight ensued and one pulled a gun on
    me and pointed it at my head. What was my reaction? Fear? No. I became
    angry and told the little nigger shitbag to go ahead and shoot me, to prove
    to the world he was as bad as he was acting. “Shoot me! Shoot me,
    mother?cke?! Come on! You hit like a girl anyways!”

    Now I know some people will think I’m trying to be a keyboard ninja or
    something. Wrong impression. What I did was quite wreckless and I don’t
    recommend it to anyone. The point I’m trying to make is I’m one of those
    few who has came back from a pretty rotten experience and I’m just a tad
    crazy. I don’t go around with a chip on my shoulder or anything, but people
    who come back from shit like that have a bit of an ‘edge’ to them. Remember
    the big guy in an old tv show called Night Court? Richard Noll? He was an x
    soldier and you could tell just by the way he carried himself.

    I could spot this punk and grill him easily enough. And yeah it pisses
    people off. But in his case keep in mind he is actually a young punk who is
    WAY over his head. Real veterans don’t need to beat him up, just keep
    calling him on his bullshit and eventually he’ll get tired of being exposed
    as a faker.

  4. Grim FX says

    People who say it doesn’t matter, it does. People are using the uniform to
    claim that they went to hell and back for his country to get benefits when
    they haven’t earned anything. Go serve and then get then you get the
    benefits you deserve, 

  5. Erik Newman says

    A lot of hateful comments from people who never served. If you think it’s
    not big deal then you obviously never served. We earn our uniforms,
    stripes, badges etc. You have no idea how hard we work to earn anything and
    everything in the military. We’re taught to wear our uniform only with
    pride and when some poser looks like this it puts a bad rep on service

  6. Gokul Rama says

    First up.. He didn’t do anything.. Everyone would love to wear the uniform
    and not all of them have it in them to serve in the army.. that don’t mean
    he’s a poser.. Even I would love to wear the army camo… That don’t mean
    everyone can question me…

  7. Annie Berkowitz says

    I spit on the United states military. Fuck you cunts and die you are not
    Heros you are losers that couldn’t make it in the real world. Burn in hell.

  8. C 19 says

    I feel bad for this young guy-he should have been given also a inspiring
    lesson-on how he is still young and the army is looking for young guys like
    him to serve-that at his age he can prepare to get in the service of his
    choice and someday make it to the top.

  9. bill smith says

    He’s obviously not a Marine, because he doesn’t have the right shoes, or a
    leash up his sheepish ass.

  10. FailedEpic465 says

    What honor is there in coming to other countries and slaughtering
    civilians? Protecting USA? From WHO? 10,000 miles away from your land??
    Don’t sound ridiculous, you brainwashed sheep.

  11. blooneyful says

    I have been watching a lot of these stolen valor videos. I never knew that
    so many people did this? WHY THE HELL WOULD ANYONE DO THIS?! What a
    strange thing for someone to do……

  12. Alec Monroe says

    He’s 21?! He looks 16 now the uniform is sliding off of him… People will
    do anything to get free shit -_-

  13. metalfuk69 says

    Go work n kill for rich fuckers??. Stupid ass military men. Fuck your
    “valor”. Fucking retarded lol. Fuck the military forces.

  14. MrAmericasbadboy says

    I’m surprised a black women knew so much about the uniform. I’m not racist,
    but I never hear women expose these frauds. Glad some people have common

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