1. RimeTime says

    Great illustration of the average meathead bully wannabees that the US
    military recruits . The guy in uniform is obviously a bit slow, he’s a
    poser – in a non war zone. LOL . Let him be.
    There’s always loser powertripping egomaniacs who want to get over on
    someone who is likely a harmless half wit. 

  2. MASTERULEZ says

    The government must be so happy. How easy it is to convince a bunch of
    college dropouts to risk their lives for a country that will only care (for
    like two days) when their dead.

  3. Theodore Mahn says

    This guy just wanted to be one of us I honestly believe that and I may not
    be a ranger but I am a soldier and we DO NOT act this way. It is NOT the
    proper way to call some one on stolen valor and these soldiers know this.
    You DO NOT make it a public scene that only makes things worse.

  4. Jake Smith says

    Yeah your brothers died because they willingly chose to go to war. No one
    forced them to go. This guy should not have been faking it, but America’s
    extreme patriotism is sickening. This worship of veterans and the flag
    needs to end.

  5. jgfleet says

    LOL @ the black dudes defending the punk posing as a Ranger. They defend
    the guy breaking a federal law. They defend a guy trying to receive respect
    from the general public that was not earned. Their priorities are all
    messed up. It’s no wonder so many brothas are in jail.

  6. helen jellen says

    i have 4 kids in the service and two son inlaws and yes that guy was wrong
    for wearing the uniform but the dude yelling at him is a moron!!! my kids
    would never treat anyone like that and brag about how he and his brothers
    paid the price for there service,,,all men and women in the service pay a
    price to serve and never are you to brag about what you did and how
    everyone should kiss your ass for serveing WRONG!!! you chose to serve so
    be a man and shut the hell up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Script Hook says

    Serving our country is a universal respect. If you provide false valor it’s
    disrespectful not only to Veterans but to those who are serving and those
    who gave their lives for this country. Plain and simple. Those who are
    calling this guy a jerk for getting in his face but you don’t know he’s
    been through. I don’t blame the guy. I would be pissed too….

  8. dartanian rojo says

    Rime Time go join the military wash the blood of your friends out of your
    hummer you were assigned to and be away from family and friends for months
    at a time and constantly dodging bullets and RPGs then having some random
    person wearing the uniform that your friends died in just because the
    imposter wants to have a title that they have not earned. That’s what
    pisses me off is people like you still blaming the military because the
    shit they do and see and a God damn special ED retard is stealing valor
    witch is a federal crime if pursued by the government 

  9. Billy Kidwell says

    I am amazed at how many Anti-American Pieces of Garbage are posting here. I
    am a 100% Service-Connected Vietnam Vet. I enlisted and went to Fort
    Benning when the Army lived in wooden billets and was tough. I asked for
    Vietnam and was an advisor working with LN’s returned disabled and asked to
    go back for my country.

    When our country betrayed us, refused to treat us for our war injuries, and
    falsified and destroied our records to STEAL our benefits we didn’t put on
    fake uniforms, and fake medals to bum money at malls. We starved in the
    woods, lived under bridges, many were driven to sucide by the government or
    put in prison.

    It OFFENDS me that some low life would put on a uniform he didn’t deserve
    and make Vets seem like bums when the dude is clearly able to work and is a
    low life thief.

    It is shaneful that we have a country run by two Mafia Crime Families, the
    Republicans and Democrates, that will do anything to STEAL from those that
    serve, even drive us to suicide, to steal our benefits.

    It is even more shaneful that bums to sorry, and scared to serve in uniform
    not only wear the uniform but cover it with fake rank and medals they
    didn’t earn. That bum was spitting on the Veterans that shed their blood
    and gave their lives to provide the freedom for the lowlifes supporting the
    bum to speak here.

    Not one of those supporting the bum would have the right to speak if it
    wasn’t for the REAL Veterans.

    Our country was founded on great ideals, we have slep and let two Mafia
    Political Crime Families and the rich take over the country victimizing all
    of us.

    But the Veterans enlisted and served in good faith for those great ideas
    and deserve RESPECT and credit.

    I am 100% Disabled, old, ready to die, but I would have still ripped the
    uniform off that scum bag kid. I EARNED the right to be called a Veteran.
    That kid didn’t.

  10. MisterBinx says

    Dude sounds like he is about to cry because his brothers died in the
    military. Dumb ass, maybe they shouldn’t be in the military because they
    keep dying. I hate assholes like that. I would never dress up in that
    uniform but to get that angry about it shows you’re an emotional pussy
    faggot. Going up to the guy and calmly explaining that it’s disrespectful
    to do what he is doing would be far more effective. Instead you got some
    wannabe tough guys crying over it. He’s even yelling at another guy who
    thinks he needs to calm down. Pathetic. I’d beat the fuck at of that fat
    boy for telling me to take something off my arm.

  11. MASDERCHEEFOrigin says

    Bah…. the guy at the end of the video pisses me off. “It’s over, go
    somewhere”. Hell no it isn’t over. He took the tab off? That’s a start, but
    it doesn’t even come close to fixing it. This guy’s completely in the right
    for getting pissed off. To most people it might seem like a job, but it’s
    not. It’s their fucking *life*.

  12. Marcus Romul says

    LOL at all these keyboard warriors spewing crap like, “If I was that guy in
    the uniform, I would’ve decked him for talking to me like that” or, “The
    military is a just a bunch of murderers and rapists” and, my favorite,
    “Ugh, these military types are so confrontational, why couldn’t he just
    leave the poor guy alone?”

    It’s easy to talk shit when there’s nobody there to stop you, all of the
    hypocritical cowards hiding behind a computer screen, acting as if they
    have the credibility to criticize a person who has been through shit you
    couldn’t imagine. Obviously there are bad people in the military, obviously
    the military has done bad things over the years…but generalizations are
    not arguments, not even in the slightest. 

  13. Liberal Viewer says

    “Stolen valor” Fuck your stolen valor. Fuck you expensive murderers killing
    innocent brown people to make old white people richer.

    Be happy someone is impersonating you assholes. People wouldn’t even have
    to do that if you fucks weren’t given all the privileged. Thank god Obama
    is cutting spending and benefits on you inept moronic fucks. I give US
    military men no more respect than a postman. you’re both govt jobs. But
    unlike a postman, they don’t murder innocent people.

    Fuck the Cult of the US soldier.

  14. Jaw Tooth says

    The yelling and cussing only makes you look like your crazy. Just be civil
    and explain to him why it bothers you that he is stealing valor. How can
    you talk to someone who is cussing and yelling and cant control
    themselves? Thats not respectable at all.

  15. davidallenroth says

    Didn’t the army teach you to mind your own business?
    You are as fake as the fat guy. A real veteran would have smiled at him for
    trying to dress like his role-model, given him a handshake, thanked for the
    support and invited him to join the corps for real.

    Not a uniform makes a Soldier, but his actions.
    You Sir, proved to be a bitter youngster, using your Military Job as a
    bitch magnet and status symbol. Get your shit together, Jesus Christ.

  16. Rand Ly says

    There’s a way to properly handle someone faking valor. Its called just
    talking to them and letting them show the world that they’re are full of
    shit and not getting all upset about it. A uniform is a costume at the end
    of the day. Getting all hype and telling people that your friends/family
    died wearing that uniform is pointless. People in the military are so
    confrontational, this dude needs to relax.

    Edit, If you’re argument is symbolism or that people have died wearing that
    piece of clothing then I don’t want to hear it. It’s not a crime to be
    offended and like I’ve already stated they should of called the police. 

  17. Henry Rivera says

    That fucking shit at the end saying it doesn’t matter! It does fucking
    matter, that uniform is earned not bought. Soldiers die in that uniform and
    this guy pretends he sacrificed just as much. That’s plagiarism, taking
    credit for someones work. 

  18. Fred Finizzi says

    I normally hate bullies loud mouths and assholes HOWEVER anyone who is
    fucked up enough to put on a military outfit/uniform or otherwise claim to
    be in the military deserves and should be called out embarrassed and
    sometimes catch an ass whoopin’

  19. pudransemarikas says


  20. GreenLightMe says

    I’m glad those blacks told this Bean Picking mexican off, i’m tired of
    these EGO maniacs mad cause someone else might be getting the glory that
    THEY WANT. It’s all an EGO TRIP, see my tat, bow down to me cause i’m a
    god. Go fuck yourself these project Niggas know war on the streets,
    they’ll make you wish you were back in IRAQ you fucking mexican piece of
    shit, get out of my country if you’re gonna start trouble, we don’t go over
    to Mexico and bother your Cartels.

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