1. john leighton says

    Your test is certainly scientific. You need not apologize that that your
    “test is not scientific.” I am a scientist, and so I can reassure you that
    science is not limited to people who are “real scientists.” Science is
    simply recording observations, making hypotheses, and predicting future
    results. You, my dear friend, are performing real science.
    Congratulations. :-) 

  2. d l says

    I really appreciate all the great videos you make for us.
    I bought an sgl21-94 after your review, and a dta srs is next. Thanks man.

  3. DERRICK Vaught says

    what’s the rules on heavier magnum caliber rifles.. 7mm.. 338..
    what’s the proper distance and thickness for it? 

  4. WhiteFlip24 says

    How do the steel fare with larger caliber pistols like the .44 mag at 7
    yards or if like the .44 mag was shot from like a lever action?

  5. Ventilated45Auto says

    although I agree with the particular dangers and damage to steel from 5.56
    I would say this really only applies to barrels 14.5 inches and up, I shoot
    3/8th AR500 with 10.5 and 7.5 inch AR pistols very often within 30 yards
    with no real unusal damage to the plates or cuts from shrapnel

  6. jason saizan says

    I found this video very educational put some of my worries at ease really
    want to get a few rifle targets

  7. shopsmart57 says

    Trick question on handgun/handgun carbine steel targets. FN 57 and PS90
    sbr. ALL ammo types of the ammo. Suggestions?

  8. 27dcx says

    I caught a fragment at a local indoor range a few weeks ago. I think the
    guy next to me hit the steel hanger for the paper targets. I was pretty
    pissed because his target had holes all over it, like he wasn’t even
    aiming. I was lucky it hit me in the arm and not the face. Gave me a good
    chance to practice under the influence of adrenaline though.

  9. Tehrasha Darkon says

    While it should be obvious, there should be some mention about shooting
    steel with cheap steel core mil.surp ammo.

  10. airbomb34 says

    7 patches MAC? Are you making up for lost time while in the marines when
    you couldn’t wear patches?

    Nice informative video. Although I don’t plan on shooting steel it was
    still interesting. 

  11. bill wagner says

    hey mac, good vid. love the vids. no bs. slightly cheaper and also works
    well is ar400. it is also prehard. you cant cut it well with a torch you
    need a plasma. we use this stuff to line chutes at the asphalt plant that i

  12. Mike Plays says

    I have a story similar to yours. I was at Ben Avery a range here in arizona
    and the guy a few lanes down from me shot at a steel plate with an AR10 and
    the round came back hit me in the face and knocked out 2 teeth. I was lucky
    it didnt get any worse, i hope your friend okay MAC! 

  13. Rocky Phillips says

    Me and my dad made a target out of mild steel and a fragment hit my dad in
    the leg and cut him good

  14. pjsteels says

    I understand where you’re coming from on the negatives of shooting mild
    That being said, my buddy and I get 1/2 mild plates for free and have a
    full range with them. Pistol rounds can’t scratch it so they are all safe
    in that aspect. We have shot 1000′s of rifle rounds at mild steel anywhere
    from 15 yards to 100 yards and nobody has been injured yet. Shrapnel does
    fly at times, but with the basic safety rules of eyes and ears (and a non
    basic rule of long sleeve shirts and some kind of hat) we have been hit
    repeatedly with tiny bits of shrapnel and it has never hurt us.
    A mild steel plate can take about 50 rifle rounds, after that we flip the
    plate over and shoot the other side till the plate is demolished.
    So AR500 steel is great and we’ve bought a few of those plates, but they
    are not cheap. We continue to get the mild steel for free and will probably
    continue to shoot it until we slowly accumulate enough AR500 to fill our
    Stay safe out there folks, I wouldn’t recommend shooting mild steel till
    it’s falling apart, but it works for us for a while.

  15. USFZeus says

    I don’t know if you hear this a lot but your video quality and editing on
    this video along with your newer ones is excellent. Very good along with
    the content. I think many people don’t appreciate the work that goes into
    that. Thanks Mac.

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