1. Wolfie D says

    Gare2016! I blessed thank ye fer the show that I had tried and lost to go
    to! I well missed it by a long shot! but still MeHeart is a thankin ye all
    fer yer wonderful effort! I actually felt as if A were ther too! :”/

  2. bush wise says

    sorry but to me this was fine for high school/college marching band meet,
    but for sure not fine and good enough for a military tattoo…. :( The one in
    Zurich on the other hand, wow, that was something :) And that haka,
    seriously… not. even. close. to be the real deal!!! :(

  3. chrispy199 says

    2012 was 10000 times better then 2013. i went to both and was sooo
    dissapointed. there were about half the number of pipers in 2013 than 2012.

  4. John Tobias says

    Spare yourself the first four minutes of this (I think its drivvel!) and
    move on to the band of pipers and drummers marching in, which seems OK to
    me, if not as stirring as years past. This notwithwtanding, I think it may
    still be fun to watch “for the record” anyway. Hoping you’ll enjoy it!

  5. fitnessisgood4u says

    Some of the pipe bands have been cut. I know for a fact the 5th Battalion
    (Argylls) pipe band have been disbanded. I’ve heard there are more
    cuts/redundancies coming. Shame.

  6. Ho Leung Yung says

    Looking forward to this year’s Edinburgh Military Tattoo.
    “Parade, will march on, by the left, quick march!”
    (Best Wishes from Hong Kong, China)

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