1. macdhubhaig says

    the greatest gift a nation can receive is freedom freedom of choice freedom
    of self determination freedom to live as an independent country without
    having to ask another country for permission to seek our own destiney
    freedom to watch our own people prosper and thrive without being held back
    by an other country that looks upon scotland as one of it’s colonies
    instead of an equal partner in the united kingdom

  2. hamefurgid says

    This is the voice of Tom Fleming, an Edinburgh born TV broadcaster who was
    the narrator for the Tattoo from 1966 until his death in 2010. Sean
    Connery?? Not a chance. He’s regarded by most Scots as a plastic Scot who
    drops in every so often from America and chunters on about how proud he is
    to be Scottish. He doesn’t fool us one bit. The Americans can keep him.

  3. RetroCaptain says

    Still at this time the palace wants to “retain control” to some level
    inside & over the Commonwealth… I was not aware exactly how much until
    recently eh.

  4. william mccuaig says

    The UK are over £1.5 trillion on debt and can’t service those loans
    Scotland has over £4 Trillion in Northsea oil reserves the rUK need our oil
    wealth to pull them out the sh*t there has been an upsurge in the
    construction of Jackets for oil production platfroms and huge investment in
    the Scottish northsea they are trying to get as much out of the northsea
    before independence as they know without scottish revenues including oil
    revenues they’re f*cked

  5. Vanth7 says

    Yeah, They didn’t call them the Ladies from Hell for nothing, you little
    Belgian prison bitch.

  6. Aetlaify says

    Greetings from Turkey! What a spectacular show! I can’t imagine this music’
    effect on soldier in battlefield. TBH id march even into hell with those
    magnificent marches. What a spirit!!! SALUTE brave sons of Scotland!

  7. Karl says

    Music reflecting strength and essence of life itself !
    High time, these people stopped dying for Rothschilds !
    And most of the time against Christian fellows ! 

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