1. TheRealConcertKing says

    Julie: Hanson DOES still make music. Great music, in fact. They’ve released
    5 albums since MMMbop came out in 97, including the fantastic Anthem last
    year. They continue to tour the world and play sold out shows, including
    numerous times at the Food and Wine festival.

  2. Lucille Salzer says

    Hi JeniLynn I am so glad you’re doing so well. Your voice is great!!!!
    Wishing oh wishing one day I can be working somehow someway down at the
    world in any capacity!!! Take care and enjoy your rest of the week. Lv
    Lucille xoxoxo

  3. jessjesssmashthings says

    “It’s dungeons and dragons for jocks.” Sean Michael you made me laugh so

  4. Linnylv says

    You’re doing a great job JeniLynn! You’re a great addition to the Dis and
    have shown yourself to be a great asset! Keep up the great work!

  5. futureproof84 says

    lolz, yes, fantasy football is basically D&D for football fans. Just
    another variation of nonsense.

  6. Anthony Markham says

    That F&W video … Wow!! Looks wonderful. Great production – lighting,
    audio, good use of titles. And JL is a pro!!

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