1. Canon Paulson says

    Really wish Kobalt made those hanging boxes for the nuts and screws. Almost
    everything I own is Kobalt. You have a great garage.

  2. fakeusa says

    Are you happy with the quality of the large cabinet? I was looking at it in
    the store and it looked pretty good. Wanted to check out the Husky version
    before I bough t the Kobalt though.. BTW, Nice garage !

  3. Craig Jarboe says

    Yes, I am very happy with the quality of the large cabinet. I have large
    and some heavy objects on just about every shelf and the cabinet is as
    solid as a rock.

  4. TheSahibZada25 says

    have you ever had any problems with the lock on the bigger 48 inch kobalt ?
    … because i just installed mine and after filling it up now the lock is
    jammed half way and the cabinet wont open. i dont want to break the lock so
    any ideas ? have you had the same issue ? do you even use the lock ?

  5. Craig J says

    Have had no problem but don’t usually lock it. Did check it when I saw this
    message and it works fine. All the cabinets have the same lock type.
    Perhaps you could look at one of them and figure out your problem. Is there
    something you put inside the cabinet that has jammed one of the locking

  6. Howard Anderson says

    I just had the same lock jam on the same cabinet. Did you ever figure how
    to get the lock working? Thanks

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