1. peopleaintshit duh says

    Fucking douchy racist military guy…the comedian wasn’t even that funny
    but he sure as hell handle that racist military asshole…

  2. Ghostflyer63 says

    Everybody is so sensetive these days sheeeezzzz. Look up some of Don
    Rickles stuff…. He was the master of brutal comedy and was still funny as
    hell. Its comedy folks have some fun with it ….

  3. Glenn Sellers says

    Actually, the comedian was probably right. The guy probably WASN’T in the
    military. He just used the opportunity to respond to a comedian.
    Everybody in the audience probably knew the ancestry of the comedian.

  4. Prof Marsh says

    Whether the man in the military said it because of race, or just because
    that may be phrase used commonly by our military, I like that the comedian
    was able to laugh about it himself rather than getting super butthurt.

  5. John Smith says

    “blah blah racism, blah blah military is wrong for killing children blah
    blah wow the comedian was so assaulted by that guy D: :(
    Oh, also this was a funny and good video. Seriously fuck Youtube

  6. L.A. Chacin says

    I have mixed feelings about this. I understand the comedy, and the comedian
    handled it really well, but I can’t help thinking how hurtful those
    comments were.

  7. MexWarriors42 says

    What an obnoxious douche bag he was just gonna thank him until he made that
    stupid remark, I am a veteran myself and that embarrasses me.

  8. celestialbuffalo says

    “We’re coming for you.”
    “I’m not one of them. I live in la and drive a prius.”
    Honestly, that’s who I thought he meant.

  9. Bill Ivey says

    I am crying right now. As a self-professed “brony,” I know all too well how
    it feels to be the victim of discrimination and hate. Swag trolls saying
    hurtful things about My Little Pony are why I am STILL IN THE CLOSET.
    Thanks a lot bigots. Maybe brown people will understand our pain now.

    - Bill Ivey
    Moderator of /r/ClopClop

  10. Alvin Ainsworth says

    He was probably embarrassed that the jokes were going over his head. Don’t
    feel bad for jarheads, they’re taught to follow, not to think.

    - Alivin Ainsworth, Unshackled by authority, Slave to no one

  11. Grey Spears says

    Reditor here and typical libtards making fun of the military. Maybe if he
    left him finish his sentence he would have heard him say i am coming to get
    you next for a free pizza. .

  12. Kendall Christi says

    You are all typical white males. Why can’t we be more like the beautiful
    muslim counties. Muslims countries know how to treat women, religious
    minorities and other minorities.

    I will now only date black men and muslims. In my first year of college I’m
    so lucky to have been shown unbiased centrist sites like salon and the
    guardian who tell the truth. It has made me ashamed of my white heritage.


  13. RelapseGalore55 says

    You can hear the military guy at the very end say “My bad man, my bad.” He
    was just joking with a comedian who was on stage. What do you expect?

  14. Ganja says

    All that the military guy probably did in the war was? Rape young innocent
    Iraqi girls, before he shot their heads off their shoulders. What a hero,
    my ass.

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