1. Tevin Penn says

    Shit we Americans don’t even know what our own Military really has. I’m
    afraid of the U.S turning on its own people, fuck every other country.

  2. louis berry says

    A high percentage of white men are gay because they are way too open
    minded! Even the marines are now accepting faggots to enroll in the
    marines. No wonder they lost the 2 wars in iraq and Afghanistan! Chinese
    people are all heterosexual except a few! that would explain the 1billion+
    citizens that lived in china! Most gay guys are white and they’re
    responsible for most Std’s that currently exist! Fuck white racist addict

  3. A Carmela says

    my brigade did a show of force for the chinese army chief of staff.. they
    were shocked at how accurate and precise all our strikes were. operation
    orange crush was what it was called. A quote from the chief of staff
    himself ” Those are our soldiers dying down there” they were really

  4. Jake Hendricks says

    This video makes it seem like China could be a huge threat but it doesn’t
    show their navy. China only has 1 aircraft carrier while the US has 10 plus
    3 still being built, they would have almost zero ability to invade the US.
    If you argue that they have thousands of nukes i can guarantee the US has
    more which is probably obvious. Plus i doubt either country would resort to
    those anyways. If it came to war it would be on China’s turf and America
    plus its allies would win but with the possibility of heavy losses. We need
    to stop buying shit from China. 

  5. Ryan Tsang says

    No, all advanced technology, best materials, and highest standard of
    quality control will be used here in developing weapons just like US,
    Russia, and other weapon supplying countries… by the way, if those domestic
    appliances are not made in China, do you think you can afford you flat
    screen tv, iPad, iPhone, and other stuff? Hmmm, guess that call give and

  6. TheBanipaShow says

    The Chinese are so smart I’m sure they have hidden weapons that will blow
    us out into space. Think logically you idiots.

  7. crazyt1ger08 says

    Who the hell does chair covers and tablecloths in camo?
    I guess we’ll never see that table coming……….

  8. Mikayel Dobrovolski says

    what is that new technology?
    i couldnt understand shit because it is all in chinese

  9. Rex Kamms says

    China is like a giant copying machine. It can reproduce a near exact image
    of what you want, but it will never meet your expectations. 

  10. Timothy Kessler says

    arrogant zionst usa is a mere few centuries old & there’s simply NO
    COMPARISON when it comes to war.China will wipe & tame these scums if she
    wanted to.

  11. Swiss Mint says

    fuck ya’ china! Chinese are not human! they’re beast! eating fetus!
    shiiit!1 when i was in China, i don’t like to eat foods that they serve!
    i’m afraid maybe they put some Fetus ingredients ,,.. China must destroy!
    china must put into chaos! … they are fucking bastard! crap~! 

  12. Bill Page says

    I’m glad Jesus cares fir all nations find him in his heart :) inChrist
    allways chubby billpage illusionist magician in fun :) God Bless everyone
    on planet earth outer space stations univers planets 

  13. 2kingng5 says

    Fucking china show of they fucking people’s army crape piece of shit
    equipments , and show you how to kill they own peoples, fucking china .

  14. Jose Luis says

    Ti chi cha kon pun we te pe so ta ya chen him how ho tin chin chan che
    temko goporipucho chokuyin yu ka cha..!

  15. Radioactive Ultra Donkey says

    Stupid kids yabbing around saying the Chinese military is a joke.
    Note how it’s mostly Americans.

    Graduate first, then come back when you know at least something.

  16. hotspur666 says

    Chingchangchong chingchangchong chingchangchong chingchangchong we only
    make garbage and when we go to war, everybody beat the shit out f
    us!(Korea-Viet Nam!)

  17. hotspur666 says

    Cannibalism in China is an ongoing problem. You might even say it’s a
    cultural aspect of China given that even Confucious enjoyed consuming human
    flesh and that his favorite dish was pickled human flesh. The Chinese
    government is trying to clamp down on this “cultural” issue with capital
    punishment, so the Chinese are turning to overseas to satisfy their
    appetite via package tour to overseas. Korea is accepting multitudes of the
    Chinese immigrants recently through legal or illegal channel. Most of them
    work in physically demanding jobs that nobody wants (construction, etc.)
    and they think consumption of human flesh provides them with the nutrients
    needed for vigor and revitalization. Aborted fetuses and dead infants in
    China is prepared via thorough drying, chopped to fine powder form and then
    put in to medicinal capsules. They smuggle these “nutritional supplements”
    via hand carry and express mail order service like DSL and sold to these

    But the problem does not end here. A police department in Korea received a
    frantic 911 call in the middle of night. The police searched the region
    where the call came from but did not find anything. They searched again the
    next day and found the remains of this young girl was being butchered. Oh
    Wen Chun claimed that he raped the girl and killed her when she tried to
    resist, but police found no trace of his semen in the remains of her body.
    When this case was brought to court, the prosecutor was immediately
    suspicious of how the girl was ‘butchered’. Her remains were prepared in a
    very similar way you would prepare carcass of an animal for consumption.
    Here are some of the facts that made prosecutors suspicious:

    1) Killer confessed that rape was his main motive when he ended up killing
    the girl but there was zero trace of his semen on girl’s remains
    2) After the girl was killed, the body was bled to drain the blood, muscles
    and bones were professionally separated with butcher’s precision and meat
    cut in to equal portions (280 pieces). Equal portion of the prepared meat
    (20 pieces) were then put in to each of the 14 plastic bags.
    3) Although Mr. Oh is a dayworker, he carries 4 different cell phones.
    4) Record of regular visits to mainland China (15x since 2007)
    5) Periodic deposit of large sum of money in to his bank account

    A gang member who traffic in human flesh and human organs confessed about
    the existence of this ‘package tour’ from mainland China. They favor
    children and young girls because of their higher medicinal values. The
    organs are immediately removed and sold for transplant and of course even
    in the black market they demand high $. The meat is sold to these mainland
    Chinese VIP tourists who has no need to worry about capital punishment by
    Chinese authorities even if caught in the act. Remaining bones and hairs
    are chemically treated and flushed down the sewer system.

    Evidence of Chinese human flesh consumption from around the world (warning
    extremely graphic – do not click if you are squeamish). Fetus soup is also
    highly regarded for wellbeing.

  18. cliff tucker says

    Rotten teeth in China is an ongoing problem. You might even say it’s a
    cultural aspect of China given that even Confucious enjoyed having rotted
    teeth. The Chinese government is trying hard to clamp down on this
    “cultural phenomenon by giving their people wire brushes and tubes of pig
    shit hoping that it will fix the rotten teeth problem.

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