1. Snake Woman says

    The bankers are heavily invested in CA and Florida – they are just
    protecting there investmnets.. thats all.

  2. fullchoke77 says

    This shit is fucking bullshit. Our fucking tax dollars paid for these
    things to begin with, and our tax dollars paid for them again when the cops
    bought them, and our tax dollars pay the cops that are going to use them
    against us. I hope every fucking one of em crash and burn

  3. pen mightygun says

    when the majority have had enough three dollars of gasoline is all it will
    cost to burn them on the ground. 

  4. Tony Gordy says

    Haha your an idiot if you believe any county has Apache helicopters. If you
    doubt me find one single video anywhere on the Internet of someone flying
    in Apache helicopter who’s not in the military. Good luck 

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