1. Aussie Homestead says

    Hmmm, I went through the whole find a way to get it shipped to Australia at
    my own time and expense with Froglube when they didn’t ship here. Happy
    with the product, and they now have a retailer here, but I would like a
    better solvent. Unfortunately, these guys don’t ship here yet otherwise i’d
    definitely buy a 3pack and give it a shot.

  2. TwoFeatherChannel says

    “Break on Through to the Other Side” of Clean.
    I love to see loaded guns, almost as much as I love to unload them through
    trigger control.

  3. capback79 says

    I received my ebomey shirt. It is fantastic. James Yeager has a 10%
    Discount code for Breakthrough “Yeager10″ at their
    Thought this might be helpful to you and your subscribers. Thanks again!

  4. doctoreff1 says

    It’s the Acgua di Gio of gun cleaners. High price, small amount. The latest
    gun cleaner du jeur. I’ll stick with Ballistol, the Old Spice of gun

  5. gunnwild1 says

    I just requested a sample to try it out for myself. If it works as well as
    you say, I’ll pick up a bottle

  6. Bayou Chilehead says

    You’ve got quite the collection going on there!! You’ll need a lot of that
    stuff to keep all that clean!!!

  7. Megzamani says

    Hey guys. I have been demo this and passing samples out in Nebraska and
    Iowa all summer. Every gunsmith and gunstore as well in service demos at
    gun shows and even personal one on one displays has every single person
    wide eyed. I have several videos of it doing demonstrations live that
    testimonial to its performance. It is a pure solvent so just make sure to
    use your favorite lube. This just came out recent and is new to the general
    public but has actually been in use in the private sector a long time.
    Enjoy and thank you. You don’t see many videos on this yet. Thanks for
    getting the word out. 

  8. codymon100 says

    I have some it cleans good.I don’t like the smell it does smell.Got the
    shirt it rocks wished it fit need to order a bigger size.

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