1. Azon Specialist says

    The Jaws Flex Clamp + Adjustable Goose Neck looks and feels like an
    advanced evolution of a mounting product.

    Here are some of the fabulous design features:
    Sturdy clamp with a snug bite to it
    Rubber tread inside the clamp for a tighter hold on slick surfaces
    Strong, thick gooseneck
    Safety rubber suction cups for phone glass surface can be reversed for
    holding phone against glass pane
    Interchangeable clamp allows use with or without gooseneck
    Handy tool for tightening screws

    I only wish the swivel clamp for the phone locked down tighter without
    torquing the screw so hard. But the gooseneck can also be adjusted to

    If you manage to pick it up on sale, as I did, even better.

    Overall a really good product with a versatile design. I expect to use it
    in a variety of unusual situations in this digital age.

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