1. Vincent Sabatini says

    I am a Veteran and after returning from several deployments I decided to
    leave my military career in my past, I have done extremely well for myself
    and am saddened to see honest hard working Veterans having a hard time
    getting on their feet in the civilian world I can’t say my military
    background did not help me build my success but I don’t ever have a need to
    brag or even mention to anyone I am a veteran in fact I have all my
    military uniforms medals, orders and DD214 locked away in a safe .
    It’s amazing how many fake military wannabes I’ve come across. And I ask
    myself what is the purpose of lying to yourself and others about your
    military career. Even I have been called a phony by some real POGs and I
    still don’t feel the need to prove the wrong. Apparently I’m way too good
    looking and wealthy to have ever served with my unit or branch. What I’m
    trying to say there is no need to lie about your military service it won’t
    make you wealthier and it won’t make you anymore popular and it won’t get
    you laid incase you haven’t noticed women are attracted to Money not medals
    they do t even know what a Purple Heart looks like so quit it and all the
    energy you phonies put into making shit up you should apply it to being a
    better more productive person.

  2. TheDogeGamer says

    We use uniforms to film our internet series for dailymotion, but we always
    put a disclaimer that none of us served in the military and that it is for
    entertainment purposes only (the fact we are all Brits or Irishmen gives
    away we are not American soldiers in itself). I think this is the only
    legal way that non soldiers should wear uniform.

  3. 1nFamouSninJa says

    I have no idea why people would want to say that they were in the dumbass
    military. The Marines tried to recruit me and I kept saying no until they
    got it through their thick skull that I wasn’t interested and never will
    be. Its such a waste of time and everyone in the military thinks that they
    are better than everyone else. But your not. The only people that I
    respect from the military is the world war one and two vets, they actually
    fought for our freedom and todays military is just a waste of time, so
    screw you guys.

  4. bearmassaro says

    I just can’t but think what a fucking hypocrite this guy is. Calling out
    other people for lying & being fake while he has that ridiculous fucking
    wig on his head. Thing looks like roadkill…

  5. Tom Timothy says

    You can automatically rule out the idiots in this video by the way they’ve
    HORRIBLY violated uniform regulations. For one, several were wearing their
    covers indoors. I can sniff out most flaws on ASUs, not so much other
    branch uniforms. But since I’m Army JROTC, I know a uniform deficiency when
    I see one. 

  6. Mark Haushahn says

    It really erks me when these slim balls do this. I come from a military
    family and none of them ever talked about there combat experiences, though
    they did talk about some of the pranks they pulled on leave.

  7. Bob Michel says

    you know how you crack down on this …. simple you make it illegal to buy
    medals at the local army base in the yankee version of the canex. find it
    amazing to see entire alleys of medals

  8. bearmassaro says


    Fucking bunch of small-dicked pussies…

  9. Ronald Dupra says

    A/D Navy here and I had no idea people especially this many have been doing
    this, now I am going to start thinking differently when I see someone
    randomly in uniform out in town when it makes no sense to be. Good job
    calling these folks out and hope legal action has been taken against them.

  10. Jordan Rivers says

    why would some guys want to sell their medals online/? why not keep them if
    they earned them ugh some people make me sick..

  11. Stephen Beard says

    Its fuck n sad 2 see all these fake assholes do this.And 2 watch all u no
    BAlls bastards that dont have any talk about people that did serve. And u
    call them baby killers and shit shows you wat kind of fucked up world we
    live in . Just because you didnt have the Balls to serve.So dont say shit

  12. Jabbathe Huta says

    “i’m also pissed off ’cause I got brown hair, a red mustache, a gray beard,
    and I got some jay leno shit starting on the top of my head…sucks to be
    me.” Ha! But, you forgot “fat, ugly, and stupid”! Just kidding, brother.
    You’re awesome.

  13. Valueless Dollar says

    I fight in the Cyber Warfare. I don’t need a stinking uniform. I’m not your
    I protect and defend networks and only attack my own network to hone my

  14. Nick M says

    No big deal if people wanna role play, and dress up. long as there not
    gaining or pulling scams from it.. just my opinion. .

  15. Dayde Jackson says

    Can they also do this with JROTC and ROTC, because I used to go to school
    with this kid who said he was Force Recon for Marine JROTC. He talked it up
    so much and I do Army JROTC and he said that he made cadet Major as a
    freshmen which is not possible. 

  16. TheMattd546 says

    It should be against the law to buy medals online, even fake ones. it
    should be against the law for anyone other then military men and woman to
    buy a uniform!!!! these jerks steel free meals, and jobs from the real
    hero’s!! gets me mad.

  17. Michael Johnson says

    I have a better understanding of why you target SEAL imposters with a
    vengeance. Seeing those fake Marines pisses me off. Oh, I think I’ll go to
    the beach today as a Master Gunnery Sergeant. Are you kidding me? Do they
    realize they’re actually cruising for a bruising if they’re spotted by a
    real vet?

  18. Tim McNamara says

    hey Don Shipley, thanks for the hard work. Keep it up.
    And this Marine is jealous of that Jay Leno crap going on with your hair.
    At least you have it to be going on with.

  19. John Spence says

    Your videos are always entertaining, but you topped the cake w/ your Leno
    comment at the beginning. Keep it up and don’t let the posers get you down.

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