1. Naresh Lathia says

    Is this what the UK Government means by saying ‘we are in this together’?
    The bankers allowed enormous bonuses while the average Joe Bloggs has to
    manage on below inflation pay-rises. ‘Zero’ tax paid by most corporations
    while disabled people suffer cuts to the pittance they receive, to cope
    with life. To me Apple has sounded like this type of a company from day
    one. That’s why I do not have any Apple product (except a couple of songs

  2. Carsten Hard says

    Schöner Bericht und immer dran denken, die anderen machen es genauso:
    Apple’s dirty little tax secret: 

  3. JUB1958 says

    This is total crap. There no such thing as a “fair share” when in comes to
    taxes. You pay what you owe according to the law no more no less. If Apple
    or any other multi-national corporation is not paying “enough” change the
    damn tax laws to close the loopholes.

  4. Brett Hampton says

    Good for Apple. Keep up the good work and keep as much as you can legally
    out of the hands of government. Less money to government= less waste.

  5. huntingbird30 says

    I kind of like this. It’s actually a smart move, no tax to the already
    billion dollar owning government for trashy “war on terror” corrupt motive
    scheme instead of giving some wealth to the poor.

  6. RebornGalaxy says

    funny to see all videos about taxes get so low views, probably because
    google keeps these videos out of search result. Fuck Google, Apple, and
    more bullshit company.

  7. XoXKyleXXX says

    Fuck Apple, and fuck the white girls who “can’t even”, and buy all the
    Apple products, even if they are the same thing, oh, and fuck Starbucks
    too, while I’m at it. And fuck that kid in Elementary School who stole my
    Gameboy, and fuck my ex for cheating on me 2 days after our anniversary.
    Fuck you for reading this entire thing, fuck me for wasting my life typing
    this, fuck this keyboard for allowing me to type this. Fuck.

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