1. NaomiChanX says

    Wanna know something funny? As it is known, a taser is used as a non-lethal
    method of subduing a target, yet it is the least used weapon in the U.S.
    Soldier’s arsenal. 

  2. smutpow says

    At 0:44 the guy was like so quiet, I was wondering if he was actually hit.
    Then at 0:49 this person was screaming worse than the first woman I really
    have no idea what gender he/she was.

  3. PadiyatorPlus1 says

    fucking bitches. if i would be electrocuted by that fucking taser, i would
    swear all the fucking day…

  4. MGOFor3ver says

    I don’t understand why they use the taser with the soldiers. I mean, we
    know how it works, and how use it, but trying it on them? For what?

    When you learn to shoot a gun you don’t shoot another guy to try his
    physical strength..

  5. Laran Sihsa says

    0:41 That guy was freaking Rambo; not a single aah from his mouth and the
    chick was kinky. She’d like it rough.

  6. andylaauk says

    non-lethal lol, tell that to someone with a heart condition, or who falls
    while being tasered, all the people in this video have someone to catch
    them, when they are used in the real world no one is there to catch the

  7. Lucius Vampirius says

    Good thing we have modern technology to fight battles because these
    soldiers have wimpy pain tolerance and discipline. I would not even make a
    sound. Then again I have been to hell and back.

  8. Brian Little says

    Well if it would not be for those idiots as you say or morons joining the
    military you would not have the freedom to say these stupid things you
    fucking cock juggling thunder cunts why don’t you think of all the aspects
    before you open your mouth no military equals no freedom

  9. pasdutout willyshoul says

    completement débile ! ya qua taser ceux qui ont inventer ces merdes ! et
    ceux qui les autorisent ! on est des humains pas du bétail !! 

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