1. Fathead says

    We don’t use the word “small” too often, but we are honored to play a small
    part in this touching story. So proud in fact, that we made it our new

  2. OpHomefrontInc says

    This is incredibly sweet! We are honored for the support of Fathead. On
    behalf of our families, Thank You!


    An absolute tear jerk-er. Don’t forget to get daddy home with another
    fathead commercial……….maybe the wall opening up with daddy coming out
    from behind!!! Thank you Fathead for your support in our services! God
    Bless all the men and women joining and protecting us!

  4. Alana Navarro says

    I think that this is amazing for children with parents in military or those
    who’ve lost a parent. Even for parents that have lost a child. What an
    amazing gift that would be. 

  5. Ally Boyle says

    This commercial is sweet, but personally I find it kind of depressing that
    this poor child is “hugging” a cut out of his father and his Mom is just
    like “hugs and kisses” and I don’t know it’s like very, very bitter sweet. 

  6. chicumbane says

    Good for Fathead, building their brand via simulation of a father’s
    presence in his child’s life, all while the human father physically fights
    to make the world safe for Fathea – whoops, I mean his son. 

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