1. bob dash says

    My first Milsurp Rifle was an M1 Garand from the Cmp Store, field grade for
    $525. Best investment ever. The gun is one of my most favorite guns ever
    made. My second was a U.S Ordinance M1 Carbine, which I also really enjoy.
    My newest addition Is my Mosin, picked it up for $140. Easily one of the
    coolest rifles i got, but I love all my guns.

  2. William Lansberry says

    how many of your top 5 got to have guns can you still buy ammo for? Answer:
    not enough to make your top 5 worth a damn…

  3. Bondovi18 says

    Doesn’t the magazine of the Garand eject every time after you shoot the
    last shot? I heard that during the war the enemy would listen for that
    “ping” it made once it got ejected which would let them know the soldiers
    were out of ammo until they reloaded. That sounds like a big design flaw..

  4. 8bitMusicReborn says

    Wait… the Mosin has a LOT of recoil, especially for someone as skinny as
    I am. I mean, I can still shoot it, but my shoulder is really sore for the
    next few days.

  5. R Vee says

    I’m sorry, but when you state that a rifleman armed with a M1 was ‘armed
    with the most advanced weapon that the world had ever known’, that’s just
    stretching it a little too much for me. Excellent weapon, but in terms of
    technological advancements, I’d argue, as an example, that an MG42 was far,
    far ahead of the M1. Case in point, the very basis of the design remains in
    service with the C6 et all and remains one of, if not THE, fastest shooting
    belt fed machine gun in existence. 

  6. ammosimplycosts2much says

    Can anyone answer me this?! Does shooting 9mm tulammo through a handgun
    wear the barrel out quicker than using just copper jacketed lead core ammo
    like WWB?

  7. GeekSqueak says

    Mind if I say you were cocking the enfield in the wrong way? We used that
    gun on CCF – flick the cocking handle back with your thumb. That way, your
    finger never need leave the trigger. Once you get the hang of it, it speeds
    up the firing massively!

  8. Fred Norris says

    You had some rainy weather and you couldn’t do any shooting? Shit son, you
    don’t deserve to have ANY guns, let alone five.

  9. Fred Norris says

    You had some rainy weather and you couldn’t do any shooting? Shit son, you
    don’t deserve to have ANY guns, let alone five.

  10. Æíxìlïmar says

    totally buy a Kar98K. One question, why do people say “The M1 Grand” when
    it really is spelt “Garand”?

  11. Jake Burma says

    Canadian’s have access to surplus .303 brass if your range happens to be
    used by Canadian Rangers. The No4 MKI is still in active military service
    with the Canadian Rangers. I have about 500 .303 surplus brass cases. Not
    good quality brass though. You get 2 – 3 reloads out of it and that’s it
    but you can’t complain about free brass. 

  12. Laurie St Lyon says

    Lee Enfield 303. Oh boy! I shot this as a Cadet. At 13/14 it damm near
    broke your shoulder. LOL! It stayed in use right up to late 80′s configured
    as a snipers rifle. Often re configured to fire 7.62 Nato. In the same way
    as the old 303 Brens were. They too were still around until the late 70′s.
    In fact 30round Bren mags configured for 7.62 were used on the SLR. However
    you had to replace the mag catch screw or the extra weight killed it! A
    couple of serious old warriors!

  13. John Norris says

    wait the M1 wasnt used in both world wars bro definitely was there in ww2
    but all doughboys had in 1917 were springfields and trench knives

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