1. Cee B says

    Yo MATT what can i do to get rid of chest inbalance, my lower left pec is
    bigger than the right, and i have only been using dumbbells for chest for 2

  2. tissueboxer says

    @willskater08 didnt realize there was a matt and a matteo. i thought you
    were referring to matt later in the vid

  3. Willy Montano says

    @20jaime10 keep at it bro, i dont have any work out partners either and i
    work out in my grarage on top of that haha, Matt is pretty lucky to have
    those guys cause everyone thats attempted to be my work out partner never
    lasts in consistency lol, happens but keep at it dude

  4. Adrian Cullinane says

    @flexforall2 wer can i buy 5 3 1 . do i need to buy it or cud i just follow
    from what u put on ur simplyshredded interview. im doin PHAT for 8 to 12
    weeks but il prob do 5 3 1 ;D

  5. Hashashin8 says

    @ReignzOfBrainz well im almost certain he doesnt, unless he wants to go to
    the gym sleepy. glycemic index is science, not opinion. all carbs are not
    equal, same thing with proteins and fats

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