1. Wecknachricht says

    they are dumb and stupid – wars are never won in the field, only in the
    heads/minds of people…

  2. Angelica says

    It is a good thing that all people learn to work together civily for
    someday we may come to the realization that in the case of an interstellar
    attack we must be ready to defend Our world. There is strength in numbers!

  3. Jojo Gonzales says

    maybe we are the weakest country i terms of military capabilities but the
    PHILIPPINES always depends on their STRONGEST and MIGHTY ALLY, our FAITH to
    GOD! and GOD is always on our side… PEACE ON EARTH!

  4. BAO THAI says

    China communist papers tiger look china’s bigger but scare small countries
    philippines. Vietnam & japan
    China’s dogs mouth Fuck china murders
    Japan there’s do will beach 1940 back
    China’s. Touch to philippines. The same touches too USA& GERMANY. FRENCH.
    WHAT’S CHINA DO …..?????
    Fuck CHINA

  5. terrafirma91 says

    Lets face it, we’re all gonna die. Nukes will be exploding across the
    globe. So, just accept it, because life is short for a reason. 

  6. Devin Tarbell says

    You never hear of Canada having issues with any other countries. Why is
    that? I think I want to go there. I don’t think I have ever heard of any
    war including Canada. Am I wrong? I think my education system failed me
    here. I cant think of any? Does anyone know of any wars Canada has taken
    part in or has had?

  7. Teresa Reese says

    Blah, Blah, Blah!! Sick and tired of all of this bullshit!!!! Bored out of
    my mind with people (self included) talking about this and not doing
    anything. “We” as a human race are ignorant!! (self included)

  8. KidsKicksforChrist says

    Fear mongering is this nations response to everything now and the
    O-Abominations keep going on in DC and are just covered up. Police and
    justice systems are so corrupt and greedy, no one trusts our so called
    public servants any more, most who have turned into this nations terror
    groups. SAD days in Hell facing this wicked nation of vipers.. God forgive
    us for conforming to these evil men and criminal governments. Rejoice when
    you see these things, your redemption is near men of faith

  9. Jack Wade says

    So all of these supposed enemies are always training together.
    Russia with US with China. Take a close look at the Chinese Navy.
    Russian Ships painted white! look at Iran, same thing…
    Its all a smoke show, the political illuminati puppets start a problem and
    place the citizens before the bullets while they sit back and place odds in
    their mansions.

  10. Rikudo Sennin says

    fuck NWO and then kings and president only losser,s fight war for the devil
    so they can make alot of money on the Chaos they bring , and to people who
    think its fine to go to war in not your own country cus your king or
    president ask you wtf all you do is killing and saying we do this to stop
    the bad guy how can you stop the bad guy if your the bad guy , people
    should wake up your goverment is the bad guy all the goverments are the bad
    guy and we all as people should fight them we should stand up to there
    propaganda of war and controle cus do u think your free where your from
    thats what propaganda make you think we are just puppets who play in there
    game now do you wanna stay a puppet for your goverment or do wanna be a
    free man or women and join the people

  11. helmitpeak says

    What’s all this religious crap got to do with RIMPAC? It’s a normal
    exercise to keep the Pacific safe and peaceful. If all nations are involved
    it reduces conflict.

  12. pete strouse says

    Oh to hell with it , Let’s just all lay down and die cause this guy say’s
    were all doomed , sound good ? Let’s just all go kill ourselves there’s no
    hope …. game over man. well never mind that last statement i’ll just keep
    eating my government processed food and drink the water breathing the
    wonderful air and keep driving those gasoline powered vehicles. wanna know
    how to put a damper on all this.. it’s simple, stop……. stop doing
    anything around the world stop working stop all wheels and gears anything
    that is round stop it . stop shopping stop driving stop sending your kids
    to school , eat minimal drink minimal….. just stop and take a month long
    vacation with your families Everybody…… then sit back and watch. then
    you will realize what you are to the system. stop spending money stop
    earning it. there are tuns of things to do that doesn’t cost money and
    takes minimal effort. Just be, take a vacation Everyone at the same time
    see what happens.

  13. Shelby Hughes says

    You will see “our” communist government and military join forces with the
    communist Chinese to “try” to disarm white America.

  14. ПЁТР ВЕЛИКИЙ says

    Canada is New World Order, Hm, Queen portray herself is the most democratic
    country in the world. Hamper is just paper puppet then.
    Look at number of the warships; these are our money going to. And Feds are
    worry about Global Worming

  15. felixthecat777333 says

    What we are seeing is the build up to the fulfilling of Ezekiel 38. Them
    satanic Jews know this and are working hard to destroy everything and
    everyone . Many wonder who the people are in Ezekiel 38. Pretty simple .
    Meshekh and Tuval(as spelled in the Jewish bible) lead to Jewish websites.
    They are the invaders who came in 1948 , and what we see now is what they
    said they would do which was to take the world down with them and before
    Israel goes under. You cannot make this stuff up and this should be enough
    to convince anyone the bible is true. So much more can be said about these
    people who call themselves Jews but are not, they are the Synagogue of
    satan. .

  16. Samuel Adams says

    I wish all that money was spent on homes rather than defense. It been nice
    to have a department of peer-to-peer housing development. Cut out the
    mortgage interest and property tax. Allow people to buy a home with out
    being enslaved in a corporate environment for ALL OUR LIVES to build all
    that shit nobody needs or profits from. Separate corporations and banks
    from residential lands. Free our homes. Free our lives. Get rid of
    military and banking and corporate GREED.

  17. Playing Single Player Hide And Seek says

    How many ship’s china sent for RIMPAC? 4? HOW THE FUCK IS THAT
    TECHNOLOGY! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  18. taylor darin says

    Horus came before jesus and did almost all the same things and died at the
    same age. Please study the stuff that you are so fanatical about and
    learn where it’s origins come from. You only deserve the truth if you
    search for it. If you want to believe what people tell you to believe and
    swallow it down with a faith pill be my guest, but don’t force feed other
    people the stuff that you yourself have never even researched.

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