Transporting a Car: What’s Best For You?



While hopping in your car and driving it to a new home or to someone who has purchased your vehicle online or through a trade magazine seems like the best way to get the vehicle to its new destination, sometimes that just is not an option. Whether you need to get the car a few towns away or are sending the vehicle overseas, you should decide what is the best military discount shipping service for you and make reservations as soon as possible. That is because no matter what kind of vehicle relocation service you go with, waiting until the last minute will often incur further charges and there are always possible holdups that you will want to get out of the way early so you can get on with moving the rest of your stuff.

Open-Air Trucks

The most-used car shipping service available, open-air trucks will get your vehicle to where it needs to be and carriers are always available. Though the price of open-air trucks varies between what kind of services you will need to get your car moved, this is the cheapest option available for car shipping.

Enclosed Trucks

As far as land-based transport goes, enclosed trucks are the best car shipping service available. However, that also means the price will be considerably higher to get your vehicle hauled. That being the case, this service is most often used by professionals like racing teams and high-profile body shops as well as luxury vehicle and classic car owners.

Cargo Container

Overseas car shipping pretty much means this is the only option available to you. Though getting your vehicle to the ship in the first place might mean using an open or enclosed truck, the vehicle will eventually be placed into a cargo container to be shipped to locations like Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, Japan, Australia, or India –or any other locale you need to cross the ocean to get to. Technically, this is the best car shipping service for overseas transport because it’s pretty much the only option.

Choosing a Car Shipping Company