Overseas Shipping

As a military car transport service, we’re also glad to share information on shipping your car to a new duty station overseas. The government will pay for the shipping of one of your vehicles overseas, and only to certain locations, which means we may be able to provide our excellent car transport services with zero money out of pocket for you. Due to various local governments around overseas U.S. bases, your upcoming duty station may not even allow your vehicle to be used there, and it’s those locations that don’t allow privately owned vehicles –POVs.

Limitations Apply – The government will pay for shipping regular car, but large trucks with tall campers equipped and recreational vehicles might be out of the question. With weight and vehicle regulations for having the military transport your vehicle overseas, make sure yours is acceptable before assuming it’s good to go.

Schedule Regulations – The government only gives you a small window of opportunity to have them pay for your overseas vehicle shipping and is dependent on which branch you’re in.

Aftermarket Modifications – Certain non-stock body, electronic, and interior modifications need to meet specific regulations for your car to be accepted for shipping, and, to make the matter even more of a headache, these regulation vary by country. Discuss this with the Relocation Assistance Program office.

Weight - Due to vehicle weight being incredibly important during the shipping process, you can’t ship household goods or other heavy items in your vehicle while it’s being shipped. This generally applies to private CONUS moves, as well.

Foreign Licensing – Discuss how quickly your vehicle needs to be licensed by the local government with your Relocation Assistance Program office as this rule varies widely by location.

Foreign Auto Purchases – Everything mentioned above applies when returning to duty on United States’ soil, and there’s no guarantee that a vehicle you purchase while on orders overseas will be legal here.


Contact us today whether you’re looking to ship your vehicle either overseas or internationally, and we’ll help get you a spectacular military deal on the cost.