How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Car Hauling Services

by ddphotography

by ddphotography

There are a number of important things you should do to prepare for car hauling services. Especially for those who may have never worked with a car transport company before, you will want to carry out certain actions to make sure that whatever kind of vehicle you are having shipped –whether it is a car, truck, SUV, minivan, motorcycle, or any other kind of wheeled vehicle– will not be rejected by the carrier. And, yes, even if you have had reservations for months to get your car relocated a few states away, the carrier can reject your auto for shipping.

To avoid that kind of (notably rare) situation, your car must be below the weight threshold for your kind of vehicle. To ensure that your vehicle falls within the acceptable weight parameters for your chosen carrier, there should not be any heavy objects in the car and your gas tank should be about 1/4 full.

One thing people often disregard is that they should get an oil change and a tune up before sending the auto on its way. While this isn’t necessary, it is a good choice no matter what since you are going to want your vehicle in its best running condition upon delivery.

A day or two before the car hauling company arrives to transport your vehicle, you should get it washed to help aid in the inspection process for both pick up and drop off by the driver.

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What to Expect When Shipping an Auto