Getting Your Car Ready to Ship Across the Country

by opie

by opie

Assuming you have secured a price and ordered military discount shipping after going through a few vehicle shipping quotes, you are probably now wondering what you need to do to get your auto ready for transportation. You really do not have much you will need to worry about, though, just make sure to follow these simple instructions and your car will be ready for pick-up and delivery in no time.

The day before the carrier is scheduled to arrive, you should thoroughly clean your vehicle. This is so when you (or another adult) and the driver inspect your car while filling out the Bill of Lading, the two of you will be able to easily spot any possible preexisting damage on the body. In fact, cleaning your car works twofold as since it will still be clean when it arrives you also be able to more easily inspect it for any possible damage that could have occurred during the trip.

One of the trickier things you will have to do is make sure your car only has about a quarter tank of gas as well. This might possibly mean driving it around town for a few hours to deplete the reserve, but if you have too much gas it will weigh the car down and can actually lead to the carrier rejecting it for hauling.

Lastly, make sure there are no personal belongings left inside the vehicle. There are two reasons for this. First, it’s to keep the weight of your vehicle as low as possible. Second, small items can shift around during car hauling services and run both the risk of being damaged and possibly damaging your car’s interior.


How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Car Hauling Services