What to Expect When Shipping an Auto

by shuichi

by shuichi

If you have never ordered car hauling services before, this guide found on WikiHow has a pretty good rundown of how the whole process works, and the information provided is applicable to military discount shipping as well. Give it a look if you are not sure what to expect when trying to ship your vehicle, or get an automobile shipping quote online and get the whole process started.

The car shipping industry has grown explosively since the advent of the Internet. People are now able to purchase cars from anywhere in the world and have them shipped to their doorstep. In fact, more and more dealerships are marketing online towards people from all over the world. Even the small used car dealers are selling cars online. These businesses are finding that these online sales are accounting for more and more of their profits.

Car Shipping.Car shipping is the transport of a vehicle from a seller in one place to a buyer in another place. This includes country to country shipping as well as state to state shipping. Auto shipping and transport was largely a commercial activity conducted by dealers, manufacturers and brokers until the last ten to fifteen years. The explosion of Internet use has allowed this niche service to grow and reach the general consumer marketplace.

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