Which military bases in the United States can Military Discount Shipping help transport a vehicle to and from?
We can help set up a pick up and delivery of your vehicle at any military installation in the United States?

What about Hawaii and Alaska?
We can even help ship to/from those states!


How long will it take for my vehicle to ship?
Auto transport services normally take between three and seven days. This depends on your route, length, and the vehicle itself.

Do I have to be there upon pick up?
As long as you have finished the paperwork to have your car hauled, any adult can take care of the bill of lading.

Will my vehicle be insured during transport?
Yes. The bill of lading also makes sure the car gets delivered exactly as it was picked up.

Can I ship personal items inside my vehicle?
It’s not advised. This is due to drivers’ weight regulations, and unexpected items being shipped inside your car can lead to refusal from the driver for safety and legal reasons. Since insurance doesn’t cover the items inside your car, please ensure the item weighs less than 100 lbs and isn’t fragile.

How much gas should the car have?
If your vehicle needs to be moved to another truck or shipment method, it’s requested that your vehicle has at least a quarter tank.

Do you guys offer any discounts?
Like our name implies, we have access to some incredible military deals! Give us a call to find out how we can help you save by relocating your car with one of our carriers!