Deliver Your Vehicle to an Online Buyer

by exfordy

by exfordy

Selling your car, truck, SUV, van, or any other vehicle online can be an exciting process, especially if there is the possibility that you can make an exceptional amount of money by selling it. Even more exciting can be if your vehicle is on some kind of vehicle auction house where possible buyers go back and forth adding more and more to how much you will receive in exchange for your old car.

After the vehicle is finally purchased, you will have to decide from pretty much three different ways to have the vehicle relocated to the online buyer:

Drive It Yourself

You could hop in your car and drive it to its new destination yourself, but then you will have to figure out a way to get yourself home, which can end up costly by either taking another person and car with you or buying a plane, train, or bus ticket.

Buyer Drives It Home

If the person who buys your vehicle decides he or she wants to drive the vehicle home, that is probably the best bet on having the car change hands. This will end up costing you absolutely no money as far as shipping is concerned. However, the purchaser will run into similar problems you would have had if you drove it to their home.

Auto Transport Services

If you can make reservations early enough, you can get pretty cheap car transport service to have the vehicle delivered. Likewise, if it is agreed that the purchaser will pay the shipping costs, you should advise them to order the service as soon as possible as it will save them money by being added to a carrier’s schedule earlier than later.

And remember, if you’re in the armed services, we provide military discounts on car shipping.


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