Choosing the Best Car Shipping Service



Like every other industry we shop through, finding the best military discount shipping means a whole lot more than what might be the highest rated or which company your friend may have suggested. That is because there are many different ways to determine precisely what is the best way to ship a car. Particularly, your car. Though your friend might drive a gas-saving small commuter car from the early 2000s, that vehicle would need a very different carrier than someone who drives an SUV, van, large personal truck, or some kind of luxury or classic vehicle. What is best for the small car is not necessarily going to be best for a large vehicle, and vice-versa.

Generally, those who decide to go with open-air trucks for the auto transportation services are doing so because it is the easiest to find and is also the cheapest way to ship a car. And for many, cheap car shipping services is synonymous with being the best transport service, and in most cases they are not wrong.

However, for those who drive highly customized, open-top, luxury, antique, or classic vehicles, the best vehicle shipping service you can go with, as long as you are moving the car throughout the same continent, is by far enclosed trucks. Enclosed trucks protect these expensive investments by encapsulating the vehicles in the cargo hold of a carrier’s truck. This means that the rough effects of weather can’t make any kind of impact on the vehicle. It also means inquisitive (read: nosy) people cannot peer or mess with your car while the carrier has made a brief stop somewhere. By ruling out these factors from the shipping process, car owners have a lot less to worry about than those who go with open-air carriers.

Transporting a Car: What’s Best for You?